A Family Affair Since 1932

Maslines Electronics is a premiere OEM industrial electronics reseller in the Mid-Atlantic region.“We sell passive electromechanical components, principally board and chassis level, so stuff that goes on a printed circuit board and chassis level parts, such as pilot lights on the front of a panel or an on off switch or a circuit breaker” explains Masline Electronics Co-President, Glenn Masline. “My father started the business in 1932. It was a completely different industry as you can appreciate. I think the primary business in 1932 was lamp repair.”

The company continued to grow and offer a broader range of services. Glenn recalls “During the Korean war electronics kind of came of age in the 50s, and if you could buy parts you could sell them. My father would go to Chicago and New York and buy and sell them parts.” With the passing of his father 1964, Glenn’s mother took the reins and made the company into what it is today.

Glenn has been involved in every aspect of the business, from dusting and stocking shelves,sales and purchasing to now Co-President, with his sister Sheila Gerling. In addition to working with his sister, Glenn’s nephew is the sales manager and his wife works with accounts payable.It's not all family, Masline has over 30 long term employees as well. “Our strength is people-to-people and the relationships we build and maintain.” says Glenn. “We've been around for a lot of years and we have a lot of friends in the industry.” Being a smaller agile business, Masline can adapt quickly to customers' needs, be it stocking inventory, hold pricing steady or offering just in time order fulfillment. Additionally, Masline offers a wide array of value added services such as kitting, custom assembly work, lead forming and a host of others. This allows their customers to only handle components once and ultimately makes them more efficient,productive and profitable. “We sell on to tier ones obviously, the Carestream, Welch Allen,Siemens, Phillips and a whole bunch of other Dow Jones names, but we also sell to a lot of 2050 person shops as well, where they may not be able to get our level of attention from other suppliers.” Masline emphasizes the importance of family and its partnerships with its customers and suppliers. Glenn advises everyone, “Tell us what you want, and we will make adjustments,we are here to work with you.”

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CETech has been supporting Masline Electronics for 4 years and really appreciate having them as our customer.