Best Decision to Switch to CETech

It was the best decision switching to CETech for our IT security and support. Their employees and support are fantastic! They are accessible and jump on any issue right away. They are accurate in their work. They are brilliant with their documentation. They documented our systems and environment so if we have any issues we can rely on CETech to resolve them quickly. We recently had them execute some IT projects for us and they were done with flawless execution. They consistently go above and beyond expectations!!

Matthew Selden | CFO Love Beets

Responsive and Knowledgeable

I have been involved in the IT world for many years and have NEVER had such a responsive, concerned, and responsible IT services company as CETech. Every person I have had to interface with has been top shelf. Not only are ALL the employees very knowledgeable, they all perform great work at the highest standards. They actually listen about an issue and take a very proactive approach to rectifying it. That alone is so refreshing!! If anyone reading this is even slightly unhappy with your current IT Service company or are looking for a great one, I cannot suggest enough that you should contact CETech. You will NOT be disappointed!

Earl Harrington | IT Manager Safe Passage International

We Finally Got the Right IT Firm

We've struggled to find the right company for our IT needs for years. Now we have finally gotten it right with CETech. They take care of everything and we no longer have to worry about something going down at the wrong time. Any problems are fixed quickly and perhaps more importantly without any involvement from me or my employees. We have moved past making technology tolerable and into a mode where it actually makes running our business easier and more efficient. They have a process for everything. I love the regular conference calls where I can get a quick update on the progress they are making on various projects. Everyone in the office knows they have someone to call who will make their computers work right. It is like having an IT professional on staff whenever we need them! Even on improvements we'd like to make on areas that are not really core IT issues, Fred and his team work to find solutions.

United Professional Advisors Arnie Pechler Jr. Owner United Professional Advisors

Perfect Fit for Our Business

Running a small machine shop we always handled many of our computer and IT needs internally, but as technology advanced and software and networking become more complex, it became evident we needed a local partner to help. CETech fit the bill perfectly. Fred and his focused team have supported us with a new server install, network support and maintenance, local and cloud based backups, as well as accounting software and Google apps integration. The team at CE has continually impressed me with their reliability, speed, and professionalism, and at a reasonable price. I would recommend CETech to any small to medium size business looking to outsource some or all of it’s IT needs…

Doug Meier Jr. Owner Morgood Tools, Inc.

When Quintel opened its Development Center in Rochester, we needed an IT partner to provision and configure the Rochester node of our multinational data network and support our local users. We interviewed several firms. CETech was the clear favorite. Since then we’ve been so impressed with their knowledge, quality of service and professionalism that we’ve given them primary responsibility for our entire network. They’ve addressed configuration issues, improved performance and added required functionality as we’ve grown, all with sensitivity to operational and user satisfaction concerns as well as the network itself. Highly recommended!

John W. Semion, VP & CFO Quintel Solutions

Consistent Communication

I'm very pleased with CE as our outsourced IT provider, I have nothing but glowing remarks. I've had more communication with CE than all other IT firms put together. There are always going to be problems, but it's the ongoing communications, frequent strategy calls and how CE stays on top of things that makes all of the difference to me and my company.

Glenn Masline, Owner Masline Electronics

A Pleasure to Work With

Everything is going great, CE is an absolute pleasure to work with. As a customer service manager that's what I look for. Besides their technical abilities, CE's customer service is top notch. Kudos to the staff. I can just tell that CE genuinely cares!

John Kozlowski, Customer Service Manager Exodus Exterminating

Good, Reliable People

CE's got good people. They are easy to work with, incredibly helpful, thorough, friendly, they think ahead, they come when they say they will come. We really enjoy working with CE.

Patrick B. Niland, Executive Vice President | Chief Financial Officer VetPharm Inc.

Cost-Effective and East to Work With

Working with CETech has been like night and day compared to our experiences with our previous IT company.  If there are issues, CETech actively finds solutions in a timely manner.  Our past IT experiences have been very negative and CETech has turned it around completely!  CETech’s all-inclusive model is very cost effective.  We know exactly what our monthly support costs will be and how to budget our IT costs.  We are comforted in knowing CETech is our IT company.  We are very, very happy with CETech.

Kevin Johnson, Partner Klafehn Heise & Johnson; Attorneys at Law

Indispensable Partner to My Business

CETech has been an indispensable partner in my agencies success and IT architecture.   As a former CFO I have had numerous IT organizations that I have had the pleasure of overseeing, but in my recent experience with CE I have been able to focus almost exclusively on my business rather than my IT infrastructure’s care and feeding.  CE is responsive, efficient, polite and they offer state of the art designs and solutions that require far less maintenance than many other IT solutions I have seen deployed over the past 10 or so years.  I am very pleased one year into my new installation and I would strongly recommend them to anyone with a mid-small size business.  Fred, Sue and their team are redefining for me the term “Customer Service.”

Brian Natale Agent/Owner Farmers Insurance

In order to bring Agape Physical Therapy into IT relevancy with a preparatory futuristic approach towards going into a paperless healthcare workplace, CETECH was my choice 7 years ago. Not only was CETECH's plan for our company's IT needs well established and carried out through their remarkable due diligence, their overall incredible service is what sets CETECH apart from the 3 previous IT companies that did various levels of work for us. I especially benefited from this company's senior leadership's impeccable willingness to research and study market trends as it relates specifically to my industry's software and hardware requirements. CETECH got us connected and keeps us connected! I don't just consider CETECH a "vendor," the fine people behind CETECH, in a sense, are real "partners" in helping our company reach our goals of an outstanding effectively delivered service! CETECH has and continues to make Agape better at bringing our customers quality care!

Frank Nowak JR, CEO Agape Physical Therapy Services

Quick to Fix Emergencies

Thank you for all your support last week. Luckily, the crisis was averted as we had been declared by quite a few of our customers as essential. We are operating as usual and I will certainly let you know if things change.

Thank you, and your team for the incredibly quick and informative response. Glad to know we’re in good hands in the event of an emergency!

Colin R. Hogarth, President K&H Precision Products, Inc.

Great Business Partner

Several years ago we interviewed a handful of IT companies and in the long run we did not choose CETECH. Our problems continued and we moved from one IT firm to another. Eventually we called CETECH back and since that day we rarely need service. When we do need help they are easy to get in touch with and easy to work with. If you are looking for a company to be your business partner and take away the technology headaches, look no further and give them a call.

Mike Caston, Controller American Time / American Products

Thorough and Proactive

We made the switch in July 2014, after our in-house IT person announced his retirement.  In anticipation of upcoming expansion and changes, we knew we had to partner with an IT vendor who would support us through this.  We researched a few options, but the fact that CETECH was recommended by one of our counterparts in the industry made the choice easy.   To begin with, Fred performed a thorough analysis which was very informative.     In the time since then, the team at CETECH has led us through several improvements.  The most recent was our recent new EMR planning and implementation project, and their proactive planning and IT expertise certainly made the transition a lot smoother.    Also, CETECH’s day-to-day proactive monitoring is invaluable and helps us identify needs before they occur.  We find the CETECH team members  to be extremely professional (& calm) as well as accessible and knowledgeable.   Having them take care of all our IT needs enables us to do what we do best!
Adele van der Vyver, Director of Operations Churchville-Chili Family Medicine

In 2009 Star Physical Therapy pllc. made the transition to electronic medical records. Unfortunately the IT company we hired initially was not up to that task. Our business was in serious jeopardy, morale was low, several long term office staff quit. CETech came on the scene, accomplished a comprehensive overview of our problems and needs and provided a solution that was affordable and timely. We have continued to trust CETech with the monitoring of our system and continuing upgrades.

John Spoto, President Star Physical Therapy

CETech provides services and support to my small business that I never thought I could afford. They are very professional, competent and most importantly they extremely dedicated to the best interests of their clients. Fred, Sue and their staff also take the mystery out of IT by explaning things in layman terms and educating customers as part of the way they do business. With most other IT companies, small businesses like mine can't afford IT support services, and when we do buy support, we are low priority because big customers count more. With CETech it's different. With their focus on small and medium size businesses they understand how even having one computer down can make or break your ability to operate your business. I highly recommend CETech to all small and medium size business owners. You get very good pricing and superior service.

Jerry Elman, Owner Schoen Auto

One of the Best Business Decisions I Ever Made

Partnering with CETech in 2009 was definitely one of the best business decisions I ever made. As our business grew, so did the IT headaches. From Day 1 to now, CE has consistently shown total commitment to us on every level. They are easy to reach, respond quickly, are always friendly and helpful. I couldn't be happier with their service, fair pricing, and expertise, and sincerely appreciate all they do for us.

Ginny Robinson, President Spirit Enterprises

They Make IT Easy

CETech has made IT easy for me and if you know me, you know I like things easy! They're 24/7, responsive, reliable and there when you need them. I've been using CETech since 2004 and don't know where I would be without them. Fred and his team are the best IT solution out there so don't waste anymore time and money and call them. I promise you won't be disappointed! Contact me if you would like to know more. Be glad to share my experiences with CETech with you!

Walter Piccone, Owner OMERO'S

CETech was referred to me from my Accountant. I have a small business that like most businesses today is dependent upon computers for everything from printing an invoice to shipping. Being "down" is not a viable option, and neither is hiring an internal support person. CETech has been responsible and responsive to resolving any issues I have had. It really is just like having my own in-house support. I am very satified. Also, it is fairly priced.

Herb Gray, Owner Shiftworks

Exceptional and Efficient

CETech handles our computer service needs and has done an exceptional job in providing us with a very efficient and cost-effective system. Also, as there was a very short timeframe to get the computer systems up and working, CETech was able to expedite ordering and installation of the system. I highly recommend their services, and will continue to utilize their services for our firm.

John Menard, Partner Van Loon Menard, Attorneys at Law

CETech has been an outstanding IT partner. I have found their knowledge and responsiveness to be extremely reliable. Their personable nature shines through in developing personalized IT solutions for my business. Over the last 5 years or so, I have gained the confidence that they will always be available for assistance, especially when timing is critical. Whenever any IT issues arise, they are right on the ball getting it resolved promptly. CE originally set my office up with and have serviced a great server network; As times have changed, I now look forward to their continued service as we migrate to cloud-based solutions.

Scott E. Zakalik, CPA, Owner SEZ CPA

Conquest Consulting Group has been using CETech for our IT services for over two years. We currently have two web applications hosted on their servers and are very pleased with the service that CETech has provided in that regard. In addition, they have provided expert consulting and application trouble shooting for our laptop based applications and SQL Server database. Their response time and prompt service always exceeds our expectations. We are very happy with CETech and gladly recommend their highly professional services to all of our associates.

Conquest Consulting Group Todd Pickett, Owner Conquest Consulting Group

We have been working with CETech for three years. As a small business owner I often find myself doing little things that need to get done regardless if they are the focus of our business or not. Technology purchases and service were one of those items that always seemed to fall in my lap despite my lack of expertise in the area. Partnering with Fred and his team allowed me to offload technology decisions to someone with expertise and gave me more time to focus on my business, providing investment advice to my clients.

Mark Fien, President Fien Capital Management

We have employed CETech since inception of Intrinsiq’s Rochester operation. A high tech start up places many demands on staff – not having to worry about IT allows us to better focus on what it is we must do ourselves. Responses by knowledgeable CETech people get issues resolved quickly. Although service has been excellent, most valued is that it seldom required. The preventative processes/actions managed by CETech avoid issues and disruptions. IT problems are a rare event at Intrinsiq. Good value; good people.

Bob Cournoyer, CEO Intrinsiq