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We have employed CETech since inception of Intrinsiq’s Rochester operation. A high tech start up places many demands on staff – not having to worry about IT allows us to better focus on what it is we must do ourselves. Responses by knowledgeable CETech people get issues resolved quickly. Although service has been excellent, most valued is that it seldom required. The preventative processes/actions managed by CETech avoid issues and disruptions. IT problems are a rare event at Intrinsiq. Good value; good people.

Bob Cournoyer, CEO Intrinsiq

We have been working with CETech for three years. As a small business owner I often find myself doing little things that need to get done regardless if they are the focus of our business or not. Technology purchases and service were one of those items that always seemed to fall in my lap despite my lack of expertise in the area. Partnering with Fred and his team allowed me to offload technology decisions to someone with expertise and gave me more time to focus on my business, providing investment advice to my clients.

Mark Fien, President Fien Capital Management

From the desk of Fred & Sue Brumm

Dear Business Owner,

Welcome to our site, there is a good chance you are reading this because you are either looking for your first IT provider or your next IT provider. Should you choose us, there is a good chance you found your last IT provider. Almost every customer of ours is a customer for life.

Choosing an IT partner is a big decision. The wrong choice can cost your business much more than hardware or software that may sit idle. With information technology, bad advice and misinformed IT decisions can cause a rippling effect across a business causing excess cost, employee dissatisfaction, security issues, loss of productivity and downtime.

So while you are looking around, here are just a few reasons you should trust us with arguably one of your most valuable business assets – your Information Technology. These may sound overly simple, but quite simply NO ONE does this.

Excellent customer support: easy to say - not easy to do, yet our best quality. Every company will tell you this but we have the proof. We have surveyed our customers since 2014.

We are your single point of contact: Come to us with your IT issues and that is all the work you need to do. We won’t bounce you to other agencies, we won’t send you across the country or another continent to get your problems fixed. You always work with our employees who know your environment. We won’t tell you that it’s not our problem and have you phone someone else. We believe that as your IT company we should be able to take on any IT issue. You should not be spending your time finding answers to your issues – that’s what you pay us for! Sick of phone auto-attendant purgatory? Give us a call, we have friendly humans that answer the phone.

Courteous and professional: We keep our appointments. We call if we will be late. We won’t just show up at your door without you knowing we are coming ahead of time. We will give you real answers to your questions. We will fix your problems, and will not provide ‘workarounds’. We won’t talk geek to you (unless you want us to!). Our staff will treat you like we would want to be treated, we guarantee it!

Closure: we have tools and techniques to keep track of our client requests to ensure your problems are resolved right the first time. We review call volumes and satisfaction statistics with you so you know at any time what is going on. You are never in the dark. Should you feel your problem wasn’t fixed or you have been waiting longer than you would like? You have an escalation path direct to an owner – any time any day - no questions asked. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!

Great value: We are not going to rip you off and here is how you are ensured that’s the case. We charge a monthly flat rate that covers all of your IT issues – there are no overages, travel fees or after hours fees. Call us as much as you want, your monthly invoice will not change. Should you have a new application to implement or want to purchase a new computer, server, or the latest wiz-bang gizmo, we quote it for your approval prior to implementation. We stick to our quotes! - guaranteed. After all, if we can’t quote accurately, that’s on us – not you. It’s not ok in any other industry to surprise the customer with an invoice that is double the estimate so why should IT be any different?!

Risk free: We assume all of the risk. Use us to procure your hardware and software and don’t worry about it again. We do the research, procurement, installation, integration into your environment. We will even train you and your staff if desired, not once or twice - but whenever you need it and as often as you need it. If something is broken during shipment or the wrong item was delivered we take care of that for you. After installation, if it’s not working just the way we promised, that’s on us – not you. There are never any extra ‘fix it charges’. If something needs to be fixed, we fix it on our dime. IT systems today are so integrated and so critical it’s our responsibility to ensure you end up with something that works flawlessly for your business - the first time. We gladly assume that risk because we are confident in our capabilities and have a proven track record. Lastly, we invoice after the work is completed, not before! If you are not satisfied you don’t pay us – end of story.

The know how: We are really-really good at the technical stuff, but after all we are an Information Technology firm and that’s what you pay us to know. We have the discipline, foresight and intuition to build solutions for our customers that are solid and secure. If you want cheap half baked solutions please try another firm, that’s not what we are about. We invest heavily in our employees to ensure they are continually trained to ensure you are getting the most up to date solutions.

These are just a few of the things that we do that sadly the other guys don’t seem to care about. So how can you be ensured this is all true? Please check out our 5-Star Google Reviews, what our customers have to say, our no risk procurement page and PLEASE ask us for references!

So give us a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You may just find what you have been searching for - an IT company who really cares as much about your business as you do. Schedule a discovery call with us today!

Have a fantastic day,
Fred & Sue

The Western NY Business Owner's Guide To IT Support And Services


The Western NY Business Owner's Guide To IT Support And Services

Our Mission

Our company, CETech was born in 1998 with a handful of business cards and the vision of helping local area businesses gain a competitive edge with the use of Information Technology. We gained traction one customer at a time and in 2006 we incorporated as Computer Equipment & Technologies inc. Now, 16 years later, through perseverance, hard work and super talented employees, we have built one of the fastest growing, premier Info tech firms in Western New York!

The Western NY Business Owner's Guide To I.T. Support And Services

    The Western NY Business Owner's Guide To IT Support And Services

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