Do you know the ins-and-outs of the SHIELD Act?

We do. Compliance is tricky, and it can feel elusive…You may be wondering what do I truly need? Will the government really find out if I am failing at compliance? Unfortunately, having nothing in place for compliance today pretty much guarantees it will be too late to come back from a security breach if one happens. 

You ARE responsible for your customers and clients data. Failure to have the right things in place to protect it, doesn't just mean angry customers when it all comes crumbling down, it means lofty fees, criminal charges, and a ton spent in public relations. You can expect that your small to mid-sized business will not rebound from the weight of these expenses (which in 2024 statistics say is millions of dollars.) CEtech can help you navigate this rough terrain, and get you on your way to greener pastures. 

Let’s Navigate Compliance Together.
You don’t have to go it alone.

We will work together to provide you with the best network security available. Whatever industry-standard your company might need to meet, we provide expert data security services to guide you to achieve your compliance goals.

New York SHIELD Act

SOC Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

PCI Compliance

Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance

Cloud & Regulatory Compliance

CMMC Compliance

And Many Others

CETech makes compliance easy and attainable.

Let’s chat about how we can get your company compliant quickly, and hassle-free.


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