Who Understands Your Businesses Security Better Than Anyone?...

Did You Know That CETech Provides 24x7x365x360° Surveillance Installations?

Can't be everywhere?

Don't have time to watch over your business all day-every day?

With our surveillance solutions, you can view live feeds of your business from your PC, smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Don't have time to watch hours and hours of footage?

We record only when movements are detected. We can cover all situations; Day, Night, Inside, Outside, Light and Dark - it doesn't matter we have solutions that fit all of your needs.

Why Does Your Business Need To Consider Security Cameras? 

Deter Crime/Theft
The most obvious reason. Once installed, you have immediate payback to your business. If you have a warehouse, stockyard or inventory you need to consider a way to protect your investment.

Internal Security
Employees feel more secure at work leaving late or coming in early. Just the sight of the camera will immediately let the bad guys know to leave your business alone.

Record Suspicious Activities
Validate customer and employee actions and ensure business processes are adhered to. When in doubt, monitor conversations, actions and gather additional evidence. Monitor a secured area and get alerted with text messages when motion occurs.

Validate Suspicions
Make the right decisions based on fact. Protect against suspicious claims from clients, employees and the public.  Incorrect, inappropriate or fabricated claims made by customers or employees can be sorted out when you a surveillance system.

Use What You Already Have
Utilize your existing network infrastructure. No longer do you need to archive boxes of VHS tapes to keep your security footage organized. Digital security cameras make use of network digital video recorders (DVR), that feed their recordings straight into a server on your own secure network, or even to the cloud; this means that finding a physical closet to store old tapes is no longer an issue. In addition, our surveillance solutions use your existing backup device thus reducing costs even further. That’s right, if you have a network (good chance you do) and one of our backup devices, our cameras plug right in – you are almost there!

Surveillance Systems Installed by the Pros
Our security consultation and installation experts give you the best surveillance system possible for your business. Sure, you could just buy cheap security cameras, point it at your front door and hook it up to your laptop, but do you really want to leave the security of your entire organization up to one low resolution camera that you found on sale? You run a professional company; you deserve a professional security system. We can design and install a surveillance system for your business that will meet your security needs and put eyes on every corner of your property.

Surveillance solutions for businesses in Rochester NY Go High-Resolution and See Everything!
Clearly capture important details so that the authorities can capture the perpetrators. Back when analogue CCTV cameras were the standard, security cameras were known for their poor video quality, and the resolution only got worse the longer the cables were stretched. Thanks to advancements in digital photography, like progressive scan and increased megapixel density, there are now digital cameras that will allow you to read details as small as the text on a sales receipt!

Only Record What's Important
Use surveillance software to automatically record the events of interest. Advanced network cameras and video encoders with built-in intelligence and analytics can be programmed to record only what you want them to record. Using motion and light detectors to trigger recordings, you can set your security system to only record events. You can also program specific times to capture recordings, or have the camera only record when the alarm is triggered. Digital network recording will let you customize your security settings to give you as much or as little video recordings as you think that you need in order to be safe.

Centralized Viewing
Do you have multiple locations? If so, we can configure your system to record multiple offices or warehouses so you can watch live or recorded footage from just one location.

Why CETech?

  • Who knows your security better than we do? You know you can trust your business to CETech. You know that we will be around for the long haul with you. If you need changes, have problems or questions we are just around the corner.
  • Who knows your network better? Be careful, some companies sell network cameras and don’t take into account the impact to your network or internet and in the end you may be surprised with hidden charges.

What Cameras Do We Install & Support?

  • We have chosen Axis as our camera hardware manufacturer for the following reasons:
  • World leader of network video solutions for professional installations.
  •  Axis manufactured the world’s first network camera in 1996.
  • Axis has been in the business over 30 years.
  • We are certified Axis partners and use licensed NYS installers.
  • We have chosen Axis because they have options! Tons of options, take a look for yourself: https://www.axis.com/us/en/products/network-cameras
  • Know you are getting the latest and greatest. Axis is continually devoted to their research and development team and have made the biggest impact globally in surveillance technology. https://www.axis.com/us/en/press-center/press-release/3335

What Next?
Give us a call if you would like to know more about Surveillance Solutions (585) 441-0055.